New York Marriage Media Round Up

With marriage equality legislation pending in the New York state Senate, the media has been highlighting the work being done by lawmakers and advocates to ensure its passage. The New York Times on Friday reported that, following meetings with some Republican state senators, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo expected marriage equality legislation to be approved. The Associated Press called Cuomo “the new face” of the marriage equality movement. Bloggers from the Albany Times Union, New York Daily News, and Capital Tonight on Monday all reported on demonstrations held by advocates for marriage equality, as well as those opposed to the passage of marriage legislation. The Associated Press also reported on the demonstrations, and said advocates of marriage for same-sex couples “hope a ‘yes’ vote in the nation's third-most populous state jumpstarts the effort” in other states. Clyde Haberman of the New York Times City Room blog authored a post examining the language used in the proposed legislation, as well as by those debating the legislation. Haberman writes, “Language matters,” and gives examples of some of the rhetoric being used in New York. Andrew Sullivan at The Dish discussed why the approval of marriage equality legislation in New York is so important in a post called “Why New York Matters.” David Mixner told marriage equality advocates and allies what they can do while the bill is still pending. Reports during the afternoon on Monday claimed that two Republican state senators said a decision on whether to send marriage equality legislation to a vote “could still be days away.” Meanwhile, marriage equality advocates have taken to social media to update themselves on the status of the legislation. Those on Twitter are using the hash tag #NY4M to follow along with updates. GLAAD will continue to monitor media coverage and developments surrounding this legislation.