Marriages Could Resume in California Next Week; GLAAD Helps Couples Tell Their Stories

The federal judge in the case over California's Proposition 8 decided to lift the stay on his ruling, effective August 18th. That doesn't necessarily mean gay and lesbian couples can start lining up though. Judge Vaughn Walker's decision to keep the stay in place for another week gives opponents of marriage equality time to appeal his ruling to the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. GLAAD's San Francisco/Bay Area Senior Director Juan Barajas says despite a handful of anti-gay activists, supporters of marriage equality vastly outnumbered opponents at a rally in front of San Francisco City Hall on Thursday, which was broadcast live on CNN and other outlets.  Barajas says despite the delay, the mood among marriage supporters was "still very happy." GLAAD has been working with gay and lesbian couples to tell their stories to the media, including Scotti Maldonado and Robert Huntley, who were on MSNBC this afternoon. GLAAD worked with  Scotti and Rob in advance of their MSNBC interview, and is working with Equality California and other organizations to bring their story and the stories of other couples to Americans across the country today. Ana Zamora and Stacey Rodgers, seen here talking to CNN, were also given our list of tips on how to most effectively convey a message of equality and the importance of marriage to the public. Walker's temporary stay means gay and lesbian couples may be able to start marrying again in California next week.  This afternoon GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios responded to the ruling: "Lifting the stay does one thing: it provides gay and lesbian couples across California the protections they need to take care of each other. Once Americans see these couples marry, understand the barriers they faced and the protections they deserve, our country will move closer to full equality. We urge media to highlight the California couples whose stories of love and commitment are at the heart of today's decision." Be sure to check back with glaadblog on Friday for a complete media recap.